Aims and Objectives - Doko Diocese

Aims and Objectives

    The fundamental aims and Objectives of the Diocese are:

  1. To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the Great Commission in the Diocese in particular and generally to the whole world,
  2. To get the LORD’S people ready for His Second Coming,
  3. To do acts of charity to members of the Diocese and to other persons in Niger State and elsewhere in the world,
  4. To work with other Churches and Christian Bodies, local or international involved in the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ where the works such Churches or Christian Bodies are in true accord with the Holy Scriptures and consistent with the objectives and priorities of the Diocese,
  5. To labour for the upliftment of the moral standards of the society and the rights and dignity of the people in Niger State,
  6. To evangelize and promote the knowledge of God and the adherence to the teaching and examples of Jesus Christ,
  7. To promote Christian education, values and morals,
  8. To assist in the care and welfare of the people particularly the poor, the aged and the needy,
  9. To provide for the spiritual welfare of her members,
  10. To assist in the promotion and protection of the rights and welfare of all peoples especially her members,
  11. To acquire land for the attainment of her objectives,
  12. To raise funds through launches, contributions and other lawful means,
  13. To establish and run such institutions as may be necessary to the achievement of its aims and objectives,

To undertake all other things which are reasonably incidental to the foregoing objectives.