Vision and Mission - Doko Diocese

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become one of the leading Dioceses in the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) in preparing mankind for the second coming of Jesus Christ.




EVANGELISM To reach out to the unreached through pamatic evangelism and/engage in more frequent outreaches, crusades and revivals and Church planting.


HEALTH CARE We shall be involved in health care delivery through clinics and hospital to improve the health of our members and non-members to bring in more members to the fold.


EDUCATION Establishment of an Anglican Day and Boarding Secondary School. Before I came, this was already Christened St. Paul’s Secondary School, Doko. We shall take it on from there.


A CARING CHURCH As a caring Diocese we will make a holistic proclamation of the Gospel that provides for the care the widows, widowers, the homeless, the jobless, the deprived and those who face tribulation as a result of being converted to Christianity. We will do this, using Christian principles and applying tge wisdom of the Holy Spirit.


THE YOUTHS We encourage the youths to take active part in spiritual matters such as prayers, Evangelism, Confirmation, and other activities of the Church.


INVESTMENT We will explore fruitful investment opportunities for a sound financial base to be self-supporting, self-reliant and self-propagating, as the famous missionary Statesman, Henry Venn of the CMS put it.


CLERGY We will seek to develop our clergy to face pastoral challenges of our time and situation